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May 2019 Candidate Guide (PDF Link)

This year, 24 progressive candidates of color are running for seats on their local school boards, community college, education service district, and parks & recreation district boards. Notably,

  • 75% are women

  • 67% are first-time candidates

  • 54% are under the age of 35

100% of these candidates have pledged to uphold the following racial justice tenets throughout their campaigns, and if elected, throughout their governance:

  • The right to an excellent public education -- including policy changes to a system that continues to disproportionately fail students of color

  • A criminal justice system that ensures fair and dignified treatment of individuals

  • A clean and healthy environment, protected from climate change

  • A fair shot for working families, including access to a living wage and family-friendly workplace accommodations

  • The fundamental right to access quality and affordable healthcare

  • Safe and legal access to reproductive healthcare, including abortion, pre- and post-natal care

  • Civil rights regardless of race, ethnicity, color, national origin, immigration status, age, sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression, physical or intellectual disability, health, income, language, political affiliation or religion

  • Voting that is free, fair and accessible.

  • A stronger pipeline for progressive candidates of color

Vote by May 21, 2019. Find your ballot drop box location here.