Last week, Ana del Rocío—a young mom of two amazing kids, an elected public official, a fierce community activist and our very own State Director—was arrested and held for six hours at Multnomah County Jail. 


Because in a rush to leave the house, she forgot her annual transit pass.

You can read the Portland Mercury story of what happened here and her personal public statement on her Facebook page. Put simply, an honest mistake escalated because of overreach by the police that was unnecessary, demeaning, and racialized.

This isn’t justice served. This is over-policing.

What happened to Ana has happened—and happens—to so many people of color, people in poverty and people with disabilities across Oregon. Everyday missteps become crimes. Our trip-ups become life-changing events. 

We, along with so many, stand by our State Director. But we know this isn't about one instance. It's about the public structures and policies we create.

We can do better.

We are fortunate to have so many organizations in our state who are committed to reimagining what justice looks like. And we are committed to supporting the candidates and elected officials that join them.