In the election last night, voters made their voice heard. And their voice said it was time for Oregon's elected officials to reflect the full range of talent and lived experience that our state has to offer. 

8 our of 9 Color PAC endorsed candidates won their races throughout Oregon.

  • Multnomah ESD will welcome Helen Ying and Jessica Arzate.

  • Hillsboro School Board will swear in Erika Lopez and Tualatin Hills Park & Recreation District will swear in Felicita Monteblanco.

  • David Douglas voters chose both Ana del Rocío and Andrea Valderrama to represent one of Oregon's most diverse school districts.

  • Woodburn School District voters elected Color PAC candidate Anthony Medina, and two other amazing Latinx candidates: Laura Isiordia and Gustavo Gutierrez-Gomez!

  • Kathy Wai will join the school board of North Clackamas.

We are so excited to see these leaders contribute their time and talent in the many ways local government shapes opportunity for all Oregonians.

There were also some hard-fought losses.

  • Color PAC candidate Jamila Singleton-Munson ran to represent Portland Public Schools, where half the students are students of color, nearly a quarter of them black. Her experience in and around the classroom and her vision for a PPS that works for every kid inspired so many of us.

  • Though he wasn't officially endorsed, we want to recognize the incredible effort by Levi Herrera-Lopez, a longtime community leader who ran for Salem-Keizer school board.

Win or lose, all of these candidates have shown us the power of candidates who disrupt the ideas of who is best positioned to lead and how leaders are found. We will continue our mission to support people like this, those deeply committed to community who understand root causes and offer solutions.