We are excited to announce our 2016 primary candidates. These progressive candidates of color are committed to advancing equity in education, criminal justice, economic prosperity, human services and the many other ways local and state government shape opportunity for all Oregonians.

How do I vote for Color PAC candidates?

  • Make sure you're registered to vote at your current address by April 26, 2016. Register to vote here.
  • For all candidates, you have to live in their district (or in Canby to vote for Irene Konev).
  • For State legislative seats, you need to be registered with the same party as our candidates by April 26, 2016. This primary election, all of our legislative candidates are registered as Democrats. You can register as a Democrat here.

How can I help Color PAC candidates?

  • Volunteer for our candidates. Color PAC candidates are committed to a campaigns won through engaging their communities. That takes the work of volunteers like you! Click on a candidates photo and head to their website to volunteer.
  • Donate to Color PAC. We're committed to supporting all our candidates, while focusing where our resources can do the most to help our candidates. Donate here.
  • Donate to Color PAC candidates. Candidates have their own fundraising needs. You can donate to them through their website.


Color PAC has a new focus to help elect more progressive people of color to all levels of office. This means our endorsement process is focused on those candidates, not their particular races. We did not and do not intend to have an endorsement process where progressive candidates of color are not running.

With this focus, Color PAC's board faced difficult decisions in a few races this year. Multiple candidates expressed a strong commitment to equity. Some we didn't get the chance to know well enough to endorse, but we hope to in the future.

The candidates we endorsed were those whose commitment to equity was demonstrated in their track record, their shared priorities with community members and organizations, their commitment and drive to win, and their vision for the work ahead.