If you missed our launch party, you missed a surprise. Eddy Morales, the founder of Morales Public Relations, announced that he would match every dollar raised at the party.

But that's not his only surprise.

Through Eddy's work at the Democracy Alliance, he’s established a donor-advised fund in Oregon that will match 100% of Color PAC donations raised through May 1, up to $10,000.

But we need your help to meet this match. Every dollar you give will be matched dollar-for-dollar.

About our donor

Eddy Morales, is a proud Oregonian, gay Latino and longtime advocate for communities of color. Eddy is passionate about ensuring our democracy, economy, and that our leaders work for, represent, and reflect the new majority. His challenge to you is to give tonight to support diverse leadership and he will match that dollar for dollar!

As a leader at the Democracy Alliance, a collaborative effort of individual philanthropists, progressive institutions, and foundations, Eddy helps to drive resources and strategies that build strong progressive organizations with powerful leaders and a sophisticated base working to make concrete improvements in people’s lives. In his consulting work, Eddy and his team identify, uplift, and support diverse leaders of color and help them implement change in their communities.