Color PAC supported Measure 88. Most Oregon voters did not. Many of our families awoke today with less opportunity to support their families--and get safely to jobs, school and doctors appointments. But we are not discouraged.

We will continue, along with many of you, to support policies and people that move Oregon forward.

As Andrea Miller, Causa's Executive Director, put it last night:

"The need for action is real, and the need continues. Measure 88 proved that there is a new and emerging voice in Oregon politics, a proud voice that can bring diverse groups together in ways never seen before in this state. A voice that understands that Oregon is much stronger together than it is apart. And it is one that is here to stay."

In the coming months, your Color PAC board will regroup and consider our strategies for capturing the interest and involvement of the many folks that have expressed an interest in Color PAC. Your contributions will continue to support our work to advance the policies and people that are committed to a more equitable Oregon.

Yours for a better future,

Color PAC